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What is an Investment Advisor Representative?


Investment Advisory services offered though Virtue Capital Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor.


Investment advisor representatives (IARs) are investment advisors who are employed by state or federal registered investment firms. Investment advisor representatives can make recommendations or provide advice on the value, purchase, and sale of securities.


Investment advisor representatives are subject to the same registration requirements and regulatory standards as investment advisor firm proprietors, and are only set apart by the fact that they are employees, rather than principals, of these firms. Investment advisor representatives are knowledgeable of most types of investments, including stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, derivatives, and other less common investment products. Investment advisors may offer other services outside of portfolio management and consultation.


Many IARs are also Certified Financial Planners™, or may offer insurance products like annuities, but in their role as an investment advisor, they limit their services to the narrow scope of investment portfolio management and consultation. Virtue Capital Management is the Registered Investment Advisor that the Investment Advisor Representative (the advisor you are working with or considering working with) is licensed and employed by.

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